Monday, 3 September 2012

~ I'm Back! ~

in the UK and grappling with daily routine! Arrived on Sun early morning at 7.25am at Manchester Airport. Didn't realised you had to pay to use a trolley which I did but guess what, the trolley wouldn't come out despite putting a £1 in the machine! And there was a uniformed fat bloke sitting at the end of the trolley. He merely shrugged his shoulders! I wasn't the one who had the problem as others too struggled with the trolleys too and all he did was to sit there and looked on! Talk about a bloody wasted space! I refused to waste another pound so had to dragged my luggage through the doors. Hubby had to choose this time to go to the toilet so I had to eventually call him to see where he was! I did tell him to come at 8am but he thought he had time (my plane had arrived a good half hour earlier).

It was great to see the boys although they were more interested in their new laptops that their granddad had bought them for their birthdays! Not surprising, with 3 laptops to cart back (including my own), no wonder I had to leave a lot of stuff behind. I had to unload another 7 kg at Changi Airport as my luggage was still too heavy. Eventually, they let me off with 31 kg! Anyway, I'm due to collect them next week when my bro's girlfriend arrives in London! Yay!

We spent the day out as a family, had a tim sum lunch and the boys went to HMV to spent some money which their grandma had given them (not all as the majority will go into their banks. My parents are very generous when it come to their grandchildren ... the only ones that live very far from them!) The boys have found a new PS3 game called Skylander and been buying toys that can be played in the game! So that's what they have been collecting lately!

Can't say the house is spotless. Hubby turned my craft room into a bedroom for my youngest, not that I mind as I don't physically craft anymore. He moved all the stuff into the living room. He somehow managed to create a corner with storage for me. Now I've to re-sort everything and put them where I wanted. Tedious!

Clothes are laundered but not folded so guess who has to do them! Cups are badly stained with tea (my pet hate!) so guess who will have to scrubbed them clean. How on earth can anyone drink from a dirty cup is beyond comprehension. The pantry is a mess! That's what you get when you leave a man in charge of the house for 4 weeks! It would take me a good while to get the house in order. 

In the meantime, I'm grappling with jetlag and lack of sleep! I realised as you get older, sleep is important and not being able to sleep on a 15 hour flight does take a toll on the body. I'm trying to keep to the time schedule i.e. not sneaking any afternoon nap so as not to screw my body clock! I'll be so glad when this week is over! TTFN!

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