Wednesday, 12 September 2012

~ RIP Kimmy ~

I just learnt on FB that a friend I knew passed away suddenly from cancer. 

Kimmy Sonksen
(pic taken from her blog)

I knew her from UKScrappers. When she set up her store, I became one of her Design Team members. She even created a forum and I was part of it and had a lot of fun. The main event was doing a Circle Journal (CJ) involving ten members. It involves passing a book to each member of the group and each one fill it in with creative works. And the best part, all of us received our journals back (they do get lost sometimes). I managed to have 2 CJs done and both came back with some fabulous art work! She was an amazing scrapper and cardmaker and my only regret was that I never met her face to face. 

It's terrible when cancer takes away someone you know and worst, suddenly too! She was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer 3 weeks ago and passed away on the 11th. My condolences goes to her partner and her family. Incidentally, the scrapping community have set up a donation to Cancer Research in honour of her. Check it out here. RIP Kimmy. You will be missed! TTFN!

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