Sunday, 21 December 2008

>>> A Weekend Of Fun! <<<

So I had a party to attend tonight and have nothing fanciful to wear. Headed off towards the Fort to try and get something. While hubs sorted the boys out, I went hunting and found a lovely black, sparkly dress. Even better was the price which was reduced to half price. Also found some heels to go with it. I chickened out getting a 4" heels as there's no way I could walk in them, let alone dance! Eventually settled for 2.5" which is high enough for me!

Sil and her boyfriend came along with us to the Xmas party. We had a great nite. SIL and I danced the nite away. It has been ages since we hit the floor so we took advantage of it. I probably lost the calories consumed for that nite I reckoned! :) I leave with some photos...

Hubs & moi

Sil & moi

Have to say, luv my black dress! Just have to ensure that I encase it in a plastic bag if I ever do carry with me as the sparkly bits do get everywhere! TTFN!

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