Thursday, 25 December 2008

>>> Merry Christmas! <<<

The day started early, not surprising! Oliver woke up first, demanding to open his pressies, followed by Zac shortly. Anyway, got them down and the ritual began! Have to say, this year's pressie were modest compared to last year. What do you buy for them when they do have literally everything, well, almost! They do get toys throughout the year. The biggest items they had was a huge box of Lego set each which both boys luv to play with.

The setup! Makes it easier for me to take photos!

The squeals of joy! Oliver went thru' his pretty quickly while Zac was still looking into his santa's sack!

The finale for Oliver!

The finale for Zac!

The aftermath!

The afternoon was spent at Mil's place where we had our Xmas dinner. There the boys were greeted with more pressies... toys again. As if they don't have enough! I sometimes wish their aunts would give them money instead of buying them toys which generally become a white elephant after time! Needless to say, we gave cash out instead of buying useless pressies and getting stressed out for nothing! Since I'm usually in charge of the present buying, the practical side of moi refused to buy stuff just for the sake of buying! So MIL, FIL, and the bigger niece and nephew were given a handmade money wallet (with cash in it) instead.

I'm off to recuperate and have a chill out nite. Christmas time just stess me out and frankly speaking I much prefer to take a holiday instead of indulging in all this unnecessary expense! I would imagine it would have stress out a hell of a lot of people who unfortunately lost their jobs due to the credit crunch. TTFN!

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