Tuesday, 30 December 2008

>>> Soon To End! <<<

I'm sad that my time with Ellen is due to end soon. She's also a crafty lady too but not in scrapbooking. She does quilting, box making etc. The best thing she did was to teach me how to make boxes. We spent Tuesday afternoon making a paper one and decorating it with my paper stash! Wednesday morning was spent making a fabric box! Gosh it was so fun! Best of all, I can make use of my existing stash as well!

My fabric box done under the watchful eye of Ellen. Thanx for teaching me! You're a star! That box will house my enormous amount of inkpads! In fact it was measured to fit them! :)

The last nite with Ellen and her hubs was spent going out to an Indian restaurant at Star City. Sheesh, the food was simply delicious! Unfortunately they didn't sell alcohol so when we got home, we indulged instead! But I will definitely go back to that place. In fact there was a constant flow of Asians eating in that place which only goes to show that it's a great restaurant especially if their own kind visit them! You know a particular restaurant (be it Chinese or Indian) is good if their own kind frequents it! That only means it's authentic!

The starter.

King prawn curry

Spinach with chicken

Nan bread

Us, all dolled up.
Hey, nite out as adults with no kids so gotta look good! Thanks to MIL who had the kids!


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