Tuesday, 23 December 2008

>>> 2 Days To Christmas! <<<

2 days to Christmas and I suddenly realised I've not brought the boys to visit Santa! We always make it a point to see him in his Grotto so made a trip to Melbicks Garden Centre to see him. Currently, it's a yearly ritual until I guess when the boys are old enough not to believe in Santa anymore! At the end of it, they both got to choose a toy. Managed to snap a photo of them with Santa as well (now that's more for moi, actually more for my pages!)

As for myself, I headed towards the craft section for a nose and all I bought was 2 pens! That's right, 2 pens, a black journaling pen in nib 0.4 and a sparkly brown pen. They did sell Nestabilities but as I can get it far cheaper on the net, gave that a miss. Couldn't really find anything that was worth buying... thank god! TTFN!

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