Friday, 26 December 2008

>>> Boxing Day! <<<

So it was our turn to host the Xmas dinner. Hubs bought a large goose and proceeded to cook the Xmas dinner by himself! He's a great chef when it comes to Western meals (I suck at cooking it as I usually grill/bake too long... much better at Chinese cuisine instead!).

Have to say, hubs did a great job cooking the goose but not before stinking the house with vinegar the nite before! It was well received by the guests which consisted of SIL and her family (x4), my best friend & her hubs (x2), MIL & FIL (x2) and my family (x4).... in total 12! We had a great meal. I guess the best part was my best friend coming over from Shanghai, China to spend the festive period with moi! We chat online constantly but nothing beats being able to chat tete a tete. I was ever so pleased to see her! I leave with photos of the meal:

The cooked goose!

After it had been cut up by my FIL!

Yorkshire Puds... something you can't go without! Believe me, that plate was cleaned out by the end of the meal!

The Vegs.

The Finale: our boys played for the guests as they wanted to hear them, having heard about them playing in concerts! They didn't disappoint!

The next few days is gonna be fun, fun, fun! TTFN!

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