Sunday, 7 December 2008

>>> Another One Bites The Dust! <<<

Another week gone! This was a very busy week for me. The PTA I'm in held it's first Xmas Fayre and it was a great success. I reckon we raised about £300ish. Anyway, I was in charge of face painting and I worked solid for 2 hr 15 mins non stop!!! The moment the first kid sat on the chair, I was on the go till the last one who patiently waited for a long time! Never realised the popularity of it and I think in future, 2 people will need to be assigned to it. The only breather I had was when I went to the toilet to get fresh water to clean the brushes and sponges. Well, it was great fun though. It appears that spiderman, dog and butterfly designs seem to be quite popular!

Well, the boys were involved in a Xmas violin concert on Friday nite. Their teacher holds its every year in a school and it's very well attended by his pupils. I leave with some photos of them.


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