Monday, 29 December 2008

>>> Shopping! <<<

So the sales have started and boy have I been spending!!! Well, nothing crafty but loads of clothes, shoes and makeup! Figured I got enough stash to last me a life time so decided to turn to the fashion side instead. Not really a clothes person but had to satisfy my urge for cardigans and shoes. I'm desperately trying to get into wearing heels, high ones that is and bought myself a pair of 3" heels. Will be practising wearing them in the house so as to get used to it! Nothing worst than falling flat on my face!

So together with Ellen, hit the highstreet stores and frankly, I got bored after a while. You go into a store and the clothes are just hang on the rails and you have to riffle through them. Frankly, just bore the hell outta moi doing that... find it so messy and a big waste of time. I much prefer if they were hung according to designs instead. Makes it easier to look for clothes. If a store looks messy and I've to hunt through stack of clothes, I won't even bother going in, no matter how much discount is given!

On the crafting side, been creating a birthday planner for Ellen. I promised her one and I'm in the midst of it and enjoying myself. I had a parcel came on Sat but the blinking postie didn't bother to ring the doorbell and slip a note instead. Moi, didn't realised it was Sat and didn't go to the Post Office till 4pm and found it was closed. Urghhh! So annoyed with him... why couldn't he just ring the doorbell! 3 cars on the driveway, obviously there's people at home at 9.45am! In fact we were having breakfast! That's the 2nd time it happened too! And it's my DT kit as well.

Oh well, off to create... got tons of LOs to do.... TTFN!

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