Wednesday, 1 October 2008

>>> Still Clearing! <<<

It's taking me a while to finish as I don't have the staying power of concentration. I start then halfway, I get bored and end up suring the net. Besides, working part time do take the time off me as I've to stop halfway. I'm also in the boys' schools on Wed and Thur afternoon for the violin so nothing can be done after coming back from work! Once they are home, it's time to concentrate on them so that they are kept busy with their homework or violin practice. However, I'm getting there. I've split up my embellishment into categories such as stickers, chipboards, rub ons etc. They are currently in ziplock bags. I've done the same for my stamps too as I figured they will be easy to access as opposed to putting them under brand names! They too are in ziplock bags. I've filled up all storage boxes and labelled them accordingly. I've made use of the current storage boxes as I don't want to spend any money on storage. If they are already there, why not use them. I'm saving up for a new glass (camera lens) so spending on SB items and storage is low on my priority at the moment!

I've broken up some of my kits and separated them. I do have loads of papers (used and unused) and will need to think how best to use them up. I can easily plaster the craft room walls with them and still have leftovers!!! Anyway, I'm getting slowly but surely!

On the crafting side, here's the LO that I did for Scrapbook Inspirations challenge, which made it on the front cover!

I luv the huge photo and will probably do more LOs with that size in future!


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