Friday, 17 October 2008

>>> Before & After! <<<

Proud to say that I've finally buckled down and cleared the remaining mess outta my craft room. Threw out another bagful of papers and other stuff. Sometimes wonder why I hang on to them. I'm definitely a serial hoarder! It's now spick and span (god knows for how long...). Here are some images of them:

Where you couldn't see the floor before...

Hey, I've got floor space!
All storage boxes have been labelled with contents within. I made use of existing storage as I can't be bothered to go shopping and spending money on co-ordinating storage boxes. I much rather spend it on stamps! I'll be altering those brown boxes later. They pack loads inside! My craft room need to be re-painted. Dun really like the colour and it used to be the nursery room. Oh well, the boys now share a room and this room is completely mine!

The table where I craft and beside and beneath it, more storage units. One can never have too many storage units.

Another shelf full of storage boxes. Now the hubs installed all these shelves in 06 while I was on holiday in Singapore. I was using the dining room as my craft room and he got fed up of the mess downstairs so he turned this bedroom into a craft room for moi and surprised me greatly. I almost died when I saw it. He even bought those brown boxes and filled them up with SB stuff albeit haphazardly (men!). Still the thought counts.

A close up of my stamping area. I've placed all my stamps and accessories here within easy reach. I luv stamping and my purchases for SB always include some stamps above anything else! Had to use a shoebox to contain my 7 Gypsies seal stamps, wasn't using them enough as they were hidden and unreachable before. At least now I can reach for them easily.

Finally my basket of stamps, all categorised into ziplock bags, waiting to go into folders. I seriously need to tackle them as I'm reaching a stage whereby I don't know what I possess and end up buying similar stamp most of the time! They will go into the red box of folders in the above photo.

On a different topic, my son's teacher asked if I could help with the library books and Maths games. I used to do it last year. I said ok as it meant I could keep an eye on my little boy. Besides, it's nice to be back in a school environment. As a teacher before, I do miss teaching but it's not something I'm gonna rush to do it so soon. Might give it a thought in another couple of years when my boys are olders. Currently they need me now and I rather be around for them. Once they hit their teens, they probably won't want me that much!

On the subject of crafting, did two cards with the scrap papers from BPM medley kit:

Will add the sentiment later

It's Friday again. Boy do I luv Fridays! Just knowing it's the weekend and not having to wake up early is enough to make me happy! TTFN!

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