Friday, 24 October 2008

>>> Hectic! <<<

This has been a whirlwind week for me, Oliver's school performance, Zac's parents' evening etc. It doesn't stop till Friday! Thank goodness I had them written down as there is only so much my brain can cope with all these events. Put it down to old age.

Oliver's year group put up a harvest performance on the theme of 'being green'. His school is aiming of 'eco' status so the production was about an a planet close to extinction and the need to find another planet to live. It was good and it would have been better if he did perform in it. Instead he was in charge of the lightings. Put my camera to good use and am amazed how well it took in low lighting. However, another lens would have done the job extremely well instead and without flash too!

Zac's report went well. A month into the school term and he's doing well apparently. All he needs now is to practise his handwriting as it's awful at the moment. His teachers described him as a 'bundle of energy'.

Haven't done much crafting as I'm sorting out my stamps at the moment. It's taking much longer than expected (translated as having far too much stamps!!!) I look forward to the day when I can merely flick through my files to search for a stamp as opposed to looking throught bagful of them instead!

Need to pack as well... we're off with relatives to Paris Disneyland. As usual, I'm the official packer in the family. TTFN!

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