Tuesday, 14 October 2008

>>> Weekend Shots! <<<

We had brillant weather on Sunday and took a walk. Brought along my Nikon DSLR to capture some autumn photos and also to practise my shoots. I've yet to use the camera since coming back. Here's a few of them:

My babes!

Luv the colours on the trees now.

Luv the fact they waited for us before crossing the road. Caught them having a tete a tete!

A close up of Oliver. Not a great shot but I just luv it. Need to photoshop that pimple of his by his mouth! At his age too!!!

Another view of the trees

The electric pole... don't ask why I took it!

Zac, being extremely moody as he was finding it hard to cycle up the slope. He threw a hussy fit right after!

A close up view of him. It would have been nicer if he smiled! Typical of him!

Wish we had more such sunny weathers in the UK. Sure as hell makes a great change to the soul! TTFN!

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