Saturday, 18 October 2008

>>> Saturday! <<<

After the boys' swimming lessons, we decided to go to the NEC to visit the Caravan show. Hubs wanted to check some caravans out. Thankfully kids went in free. We had a nose around the different types of caravans and we found a particular layout that we like.

There was even a play area for the kids so they had a play in there. Oliver attempted the rock climbing wall and he was quite good and managed to cling on when the wall was tilting about.

We had a slight mishap when we lost Zac. Well, one minute he was with us and the next, he disappeared. God, I was shouting his name, looking for him and in the end, had to approach the info booth. That was when I overheard on the walkie talkie a man saying he found Zac. Sheesh, what a relief. Anyway, on my way to organiser's office to claim him, hubs called to say that he had Zac. Poor chap was sniffing about. That will teach him not to stray from us in future! TTFN!

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