Wednesday, 29 October 2008

>>> Disney Fantasia! <<<

Got home from Paris Disneyland after spending 4 days there. We left on Friday afternoon to stay at a hotel in Folkstone so that we didn't have to travel so early in the morning. It was a nitemare journey as it took us 6 hrs to reach Folkstone. At one stage, we were stuck in traffic for a good half an hour due to accident. In fact, we were stuck twice in different motorways. By the time we reached the hotel, we were thoroughly knackered.

The next morning we took the Channel Tunnel to Paris. Didn't realise it was such a short journey and it was the first time we took with the car. Thomas Cook messed up our reservation. There were 3 families altogether and somehow we were given a different ticket alphabet. We later checked and found that we were given a different departure time in France as well. So we had to change it to ensure all 3 were leaving together.

Anyway, got to Paris Disney in good time. We stayed in the Dream Castle hotel and it was amazing. What can I say about Disney, it was just brillant. The kids enjoyed it, the adults as well and all of us had a fabulous time. It was the first time we went as a group and we really enjoyed each others' company. Who knows, we might do it again in future but for now, I leave with some highlights of the trip....

First day: Travelling to France via the Channel Tunnel.

The Dream Castle hotel that we stayed in. The room we stayed in had 2 queen size beds.

First nite in Disney! Lucky for us the park closed at 10pm so we made the most of the evening there. The theme of Halloween was echoed throughout Disneyland Park, one of the Disney sections.

2nd day: the kids managed to get up close with some Disney characters. Here they are with a

Managed to capture a shot of the carnival parade

Moi trying on one of the many Disney hats. I was so tempted to get this particular one except common sense prevailed. Can't exactly wear this everyday, can I?

Day 3: Up close with Mickey Mouse and his autograph

One of the many rides that we went on

I just had to get into this pic. Luv Monsters Inc. and the characters.

Day 4: The gang!

A train ride around Disneyland Park.

Our last meal in Disney was taken at Planet Hollywood. I had rump steak (not really a steak person) but this particular steak was just so juicy and delicious. Heavens!

Managed to squeeze a trip to the Sealife Centre.

At the Channel Tunnel on the French side. We took the 2347 train and just managed to get in the last carriage. It seems they had cancelled an earlier train and there was a backlog of cars, not surprising!

Snow greeted us when we hit UK. Inches deep of snow too. We didn't get home till 4am.

I thoroughly enjoyed this trip. We had a hectic 4 days of walking, visiting, queuing and sitting on rides. My only grouse was the food. Loads of junk food at Disney and by the 2nd day, I had enough of chips and fried meat!!! Thankfully on the last nite at the hotel, we dined in at the restaurant and they were serving 'la cuisine francaise'. OMG, it was perfect as the starter consisted of seafood. I had 2 platefuls of prawns and mayo. Dessert was even better! Sure as hell made up for the crap meals we had on the first 2 days!

God blessed us with great weather as well. It did drizzle on the 3rd day but it didn't spoil our trip. We were lucky that it stopped during the day and it got wet by evening which didn't bother us as we were ready to go back to the hotel.

So was 4 days enough... I don't think so. I'm sure there were areas that we didn't go. In terms of exhaustion, it was certainly enough. Going to Paris Disney gave us a prelude to what it would be like to go to the one in Florida. We had plans to do that next year but after experiencing the Paris version, I think I shall opt to go to Singapore instead. I certainly don't want to spend my entire holidays queuing up for rides!!! TTFN!

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