Wednesday, 8 October 2008

>>> It's Wednesday! <<<

Can't you believe how time flies? It's already mid-week. I've been busy cleaning the house out. Just got the cleaning bug and cleared the cupboard on the landing. I couldn't imagine how much rubbish there was in there... no wonder the door couldn't close! Anyway, I found tons of plastic bags, those that you get from shopping. Loads of them. How on earth I accumulated that much beggers belief and I managed to fill 2 huge bags full of them. No doubt they will be used for the bins now. After re-claiming the space from the cupboard, I re-organised and re-sort the items within. I'll be tackling the cupboard in my bedroom soon. That has become another dumping ground and needs a desperate clear out and that includes clothes!

Have been busy with craft stuff as well. Just completed an acrylic album for which I was guest designing. It will be featured later this month. Currently working on BackPorch Memories Oct Medley kit. Here's one LO that I've completed. The rest will be revealed on the 10th:

Papers used: Fancy Pants All Fall.

Attended my son's school PTA (more known as FOLGIS) AGM this evening. A letter was sent out inviting more participants from parents. We have a total of nearly 280 pupils and guess how many parents attended!!! Just 1! I sincerely hope she stays on. The usual members were still there. We elected the officiers for the team and I got nominated as Secretary again so I'm resuming the post a second time! We adopted the Constitution with minor changes to the original version. After half an hour, the AGM ended. Then it was the usual meeting to discuss activities for the Autumn term. We all agreed on a Xmas Craft Fayre. That should be fun! I'm thankful that the school isn't that poor that it needs to rely on donations from parents. We are there to raise fund to create an outdoor environment for the school. Let's hope we can achieve that! TTFN!

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