Monday, 29 September 2008

>>> Alert! Disaster Zone! <<<

As mentioned in previous post, I started clearing out my craft room. Here's the reason why!

My crafting table, a right mess!

The area behind my crafting table.... see what I mean.. no floor space!

Further into the room ... a total disaster zone!

Where the TV and PC is, another dumping ground for pizza boxes!

Preparing the space to delve into the cupboard. Can't say it's spacious but with proper re-organisation, I can easily fit my scrapping items inside!

Let's see the end results after my major clearout and re-organisation. I need to re-sort properly so that stuff that I use is within reach and easy access. There's so many embellishment that aren't being used due to the fact that they are hidden! So many alphas that aren't used as they are not within reach! Last but not least, making sure I use up the old stuff as they are still usable. Watch this space!!! TTFN!

1 comment:

Jackie said...

OMG! how do you even know what you have or find anything Audrey!? LOL

I thought mine was bad but Im yours beats my mess hands down ;)