Monday, 22 September 2008

>>> September News <<<

I've been slacking but if truth needs to be told, it has taken me a while to settle down since returning from Singapore. Homesickness hit me and I even didn't want to scrapbook! Anyway, once day I walked into my messy craft room, took a look and decided enough is enough! So I started re-organising instead. First on the list was my stamps! I had accumulated loads over the years and it was time to sort them out according to categories as I felt it was the best way. So now I've got a few ziplock bags of stamps nicely separated. I'll be putting them on a laminated card and then they will be filed in folders.

Next, I tackled my scrapbooking embellishments. I separated all the papers and bellies from past kits and they were put into separate categories such as stickers, rubons, chipboards, blossoms etc. Half used papers went into one 12x12 baggie while full sheet went into another. So now I've got a basket full of ziplock bags with SB items all neatly organised! These will be put away respectively in their boxes as soon as my craft room has been re-organised.

Talking of which, I decided on a major re-organisation of my room. Stuff were spilling onto the floor and I couldn't take it anymore. So it was time for a spring clean! There is a cupboard filled with junk of a few years and I decided to clear it so that I could use it for my SB items. Threw out loads including pregnancy magazines, Teletubbies magazines and even school letters from my son's school from 2005 (why on earth I kept them I've no idea!!!) Anyway, the cupboard is now cleared and I've managed to put my scrapbooking tools in there. I've cleared some space on my shelves so that the newly sorted SB items will find a place in there! I'm now looking forward to sorting my stamps properly so that I will know what I've got and will therfore use them!

Sorting out my stuff has given my mojo back as I went for a crop on Sunday and nearly completed an acrylic album. Had fun doing it and about time too as it's meant for a DT project. I can't wait to get my craft room properly organised as I'm now bursting with ideas and just want to create! TTFN!

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