Wednesday, 24 September 2008

>>> Absolutely Livid! <<<

Alright, so it was time to service the boiler and hubs arranged for someone to come today. I gave him a cut off time of 11.30am as I have to be at work by 12pm. Guess what, the darn chap turned up at 11.30am on the dot! So I asked nicely how long it would take to service the boiler, to which he replied half an hour at most. Yeah right! Instead of half an hour, it took a good hour and a half and to add insult to injury, he screwed the boiler up big time. Before his arrival, it was in fine working condition. After it had been through his hands, there was no heating and no hot water. What was worst was that when he realised he messed up big time, he did a runner and left! Gave the excuse there was no more he could do and we had to sort it out with the office! At time point, I went mad and told him off. How on earth can someone just leave after blotching up a service job and then turn around and say it's not his fault! At one stage, there was an issue about fixing a new 'knob' but due to insurance issues, that couldn't be done. I even overheard him on the phone telling someone it was his job to sort it out as he was done and could do no more!

Hubs was on to the office immediately and in the end, the company (incidentally called Vokera) passed him onto another company to do an emergency call out which we had to pay. So not only we had to pay for the service of the boiler but cough out extra dosh for an emergency call out. This nice chap came at quarter to nine, took one look at the boiler, turn on a valve and viola, the heating and hot water came on! He told us that the useless chap had forgotten to turn the valve back on and there is absolutely no problem with the boiler. In fact there wasn't even a need to change any 'knob'! We later learnt he had been on call outs to jobs that was done by the Vokera engineers (one wonders if it's the same guy that is screwing up all the boilers that he has been servicing?) He did admit that the service we received was far from satisfactory!

Anyway, I've been on the relevant bodies to make a complaint! I'm not gonna allow a cowboy engineer to ruin people's life. At this moment, the weather is so unpredictable and not to have heating nor hot water during cold periods is just not right! My whole day was ruined and I was so worried for my boys. I was just not myself today! What peeved me most was the fact that he walked out, literally, and left a boiler in an unworkable situation! That is one of the worst customer service ever encountered! Bloody coward! He is definitely not getting away with that and I'll do my utmost to ensure he gets proper training before he goes around fiddling with someone's boiler! One wonders if he's even Corgi registered!

Thankfully, we now have heating and hot water. Speaking of which, I just need to a good hot shower now! TTFN!

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