Tuesday, 2 September 2008

>>> Back At Last! <<<

After 6 glorious week in Singapore, we are back unfortunately! If I had it my way, I would dearly have loved to remain behind and start afresh in Singapore. But it's not to be... well, who knows, maybe in the future perhaps! I simply can't remain in the UK forever... god forbid! I know I will be missing the food and fruits tremendously. No where can I find such an array of delicious dishes but most of all I'm gonna miss my duku!

Man, this is making me hungry and if only my dad could send them over! Just my luck to live in a country with the most boring fruits ever!!!! Sigh!

It came into season on the last week and I was buying 2kg worth of them everyday to eat! It wouldn't be so bad if I could find half the food here in the UK, it would have made staying here more acceptable but nooooo, I can't barely get a quarter of it here so that's what make staying in the UK a nitemare! The weather is another grouse but that's another story altogether!

I leave with photos of the last day in Singapore! Miss my dad dearly!

Our return luggage! 6 bags in all and all packed by moi! One bag consisted of entirely scrapping stuff. Hey, I'm entitled since I did all the packing.

Little Zac just simply relaxing. He does get away doing such things since he's quite light!

One last pose before going into the departure lounge.

Inflight entertainment at their fingertips! That's what I luv about Emirates! I discovered they had my favourite Mahjong game and was playing that throughout!

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