Friday, 29 August 2008

>>> Last Nite In Singapore! <<<

OMG! This is our last nite in Singapore. I can't believe it.... 6 weeks have flown by so quickly and we are leaving tomorrow. Gosh, why do all good things have to come to an end?

Anyway, we made the best by going on a looong walk, from Harbour Front to Hort Park. (Singapore Govt created this nature walk through forest and bridges. It's away from the traffic and that's great! Took us a good 4 hours to walk but we did it. Thankfully it was cloudy so the weather did help a great deal. It has been raining quite a bit this whole week and I'm glad we had a slight respite from it today. I'm surprised the boys walked and didn't moan a bit. In fact Zac was the most enthusiastic.

There are about 9 different parts to walk, each named and colour-coded. We completed them all.

We started with Marang Trail, which is literally uphill through flight of stairs. That was a killer!

This is the Henderson Wave walk, a bridge and absolutely awesome.

This is the HortPark walk which is also another bridge made of steel.

We finally ended up in Hort Centre, a large area of horticulture display which had a few playgrounds too. Very handy for the boys.

Hubby and I managed to sneak away at nite to go to Raffles Hotel Long Bar to savour Singapore Sling. We had been planning to go this week but it eluded us. So finally we managed today, thanks to my parents who bath and babysat the boys. (I'm sure as hell gonna miss their help when I go back. They readily babysat the boys when we went out, and quite often too.)

I think I seriously need to detox and diet when I get back to the UK. I look absolutely fat here! Eeks!

Thankfully I had packed up some stuff last nite, namely my scrapping stuff, boys' toys and food. All that is left are the clothes, 3 luggage and 50kg. I'm praying we can somehow managed to get them below 50kg. (Each person is allowed 20kg luggage and 7kg hand luggage allowance) I've not really bought heavy stuff this time around. We'll see..... TTFN!

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Love the pictures and that bridge looks amazing!!!"

Welcome home!