Saturday, 9 August 2008

>>> Happy National Day! <<<

Singapore is 43 yrs old! Happy Birthday!

I was lucky to get my hands on 3 National Day Parade tickets. I went with my dad and Oliver. Oh mine but what can I say! The Parade was simply spectacular and it was certainly worth going. Nothing like feeling the excitement when you're there in person instead of watching it on TV. You simply cannot feel the excitement. Sure as hell made me proud to be a Sinaporean! I leave with some photos of the event...

Each of us were given a goodies bag that consisted of snacks and some useful items like ponchos which came in handy as it did drizzile for a while during the Parade!

Moi and Ollie

A sea of red and white as it's the national colours of the flag. We were asked to dress in red and it's great that people were sporting enough to do it!

Singing of the National Anthem.
I'm surprised that I could still remember the words seeing that it's in Malay and I've not sung it for years!

The Black Knights in action!

One of the performances!

The finale and the singing of the National Anthem including reciting the Pledge. Sheesh, I was so tearful at the end. It has been ages since I recited the Pledge!


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