Friday, 8 August 2008

>>> News Update! <<<

Sheesh, I've been enjoying myself too much here to blog! And I won't make apologies for it. It's so good to chill out and just enjoy doing nothing. I've not cooked since I landed here and don't intend to until I return. Can't say I like cooking and it's good to have a break from it.

I attended the photography class by John Arifin and it was a blast! The class was conducted over 3 days, each 4 hrs long. The first day, I learnt about my camera thoroughly and was made aware of the 3 main ingredients that compose the photo. I found out what each did and how to look for it in the camera. It was an eye-opener! The second day was a field trip to the Botanical Gardens and I learnt even more features and played around with them. Mostly importantly the histogram which I now used it all the time to check photos that I've taken. The final day was an overall review. Gosh, the class was worth every penny spent and now I can thoroughly enjoy my camera and explore the settings with understanding instead of merely hoping for the best!

I also attended the Photoshop CS3 class which was aimed towards photography and it was an eye-opener too. Now all I need to get hold of the software... somehow!

So what have the boys and I been doing? Chilling out big time. The boys love swimming so we brought them to the pool quite often. Luv it that it's outdoor. I absolutely dislike indoor pool. There is an enormous playground in the kids pool itself so that occupy them a fair bit. Here are some snapshots of what we've been up to:

The playground in the pool itself. How fun is that! It's a wee bit empty during weekdays so we prefer bringing them during the weekdays. Weekends are a no no! Hate crowds and it's more expensive too!

My eldest have a splash!

Not forgetting their trip to McDo!

At the nearby park.

This was taken at a recent Garden exhibiton. I thought it look simply unique and could probably be used as a scrapbooking inspiration!

Moi with the boys and the new look! It's a wee bit reddish though! Gotta luv those orchids behind us. Fab flowers they are.

The boys absolutely luv riding on these electronic bikes. S$3 for 15 mins!

Just watched the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony! Wow! What a performance! No wonder they spent so much. I wonder how much London will be spending for the 2012 Olympics! No doubt taxpayers might have to foot the darn bill!

Talking about spectacular performance, I'll be going to watch the National Day Parade live! Whoopee! Talk about being lucky but my dad's friend couldn't make it and asked if we were interested. Of course, I jumped at the chance as it has been ages since I saw a live Parade and I'm proud to say that I took part in one before, in 1990 I believe. Gosh, it was an experience I will never forgot and such a proud moment too. My dad will be joining Oliver and moi. I wasn't too sure if Zac would appreciate the event and might just be a wee bit disruptive since I'll be taking tons of photos. I'm sure the attraction of his DS might dissuade him from coming with us. I understand it's now being performed on a floating platform in the Marina Bay. It used to be held in the old national stadium but the latter is no longer in use. Wow, I'll be so excited tomorrow!

Rite, off to sort out my memory stick... I've got tons of photos in there and need to clear them for tomorrow. Despite it being a 4GB stick, I've used up almost 3/4 already. Will update more tomorrow with photos. TTFN!

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