Tuesday, 12 August 2008

>>> Happy Birthday Dad! <<<

It's my dad's 78th birthday and he's lucky that we are there to celebrate. Well, got him a cake the day before his birthday and celebrated it. The boys as usual were happy to help him blow the candles!

Bought the cake from Bangawan Solo, a fabulous cake shop selling nonya kueh (cakes). Sheesh, each time I pass their shop (and there have many around), I can't resist the durian puki! Wish they would consider setting one up in the UK. I would be a regular customer!

My dad with his grandsons! Didn't use my flash but didn't use a tripod either hence the slight blurriness! Oh well, won't stop me scrapping it either! Luv ya dad and wish you many more living years. Just wish I wasn't living that far from you!

We're off to Genting Highlands, Malaysia tomorrow and no doubt, we will celebrate his birthday again albeit a small slice of cake. Can't really carry a huge cake with us on a bus journey!


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