Saturday, 27 September 2008

>>> What A Fabulous Day! <<<

It was a fabulous day today. Hubs had an idea to get a caravan so we headed off to check them out. Found a particular style that we like but will give it some time to mule over. As the hubs has been very busy with work these days, I'm not sure if there's time to even use the caravan if we did decide to get one! There's talk of him heading for the Middle East for a project which I'm not too keen on!

After that, we went to Strafford Upon Avon for a walk. Headed towards the river where we took a boat ride and enjoyed the breeze and the scenery. Kids had a great time running about. Wish we had more such days instead of the dismal, gloomy, overcast skies that is prevalent here. I leave with some photos of the day, taken by my Nikon compact. If I had known I was going to Strafford, would have brough my DSLR!

The little ferry that took us across the river.

That is what I like about Strafford... the quaint little cottages that have been used for retail purposes. Makes shopping more enjoyable.

Finally, found this site which allowed you to design your words. Just add whatever words you want, and viola, it comes up like this!

You can adjust further but I like it this way!


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