Sunday, 5 August 2007

>>> They Arrived! <<<

Yay!!!! My parents have finally arrived! A week ago, they almost cancelled the trip when Dad fell ill with food poisoning and two weeks ago, Mom caught shingles!!! Thankfully they were ok the week they were due to leave and they eventually boarded SIA flight to Manchester.

As they were due to arrive at 6.50am on Saturday, hubby had to leave early to go to Manchester. Unfortunately, he failed to set the alarm for 5am and instead, woke up at 6am, thanx to my phone alarm. I had set it in order to get up early to scrap! (Well, I've got loads of DT LOs to fulfil). So of course he was late in reaching Manchester. Thankfully I had sent a text to my Dad informing him of the delay!

It was so good to see my parents again! Their luggage was filled to the brim with stuff I had asked them to bring. Dad even bought a Nintendo DS for Zac including 5 extra games. That will put an end to the endless quarrels between the boys! Along with foodstuff, Dad got for me my Croc Sassaris! Whoopie! This particular design is so elegant as it has heels! I also received a pair of Mary Jane's too (although I'm not so keen on the white and it's a size bigger too!)

Knowing they didn't sleep on the plane, we let them chill out. The boys were engrossed in their DS and there was absolute silence in the house! I will have to monitor their usage though... can't have them playing all day long!

Another chilled out day for all of us. We had planned to go to the park but as Mom didn't feel like it, so we stayed in. Hubby did bring the boys out to the nearby park.

Typical Mom of mine, as usual, she was cleaning about and picking up stray leaves in the garden! Not that I'm complaining but I wonder why I'm not like that!!! She's so on with the housework! I did get her to do some sewing as I'm pretty hopeless in that area (although sewing on paper is a different matter altogether!!!)

We did book a week's holiday to Devon next week. Gonna be staying in a static caravan. Ohhh, the beach looks heavenly!!! Really miss the sea. Let's hope the weather stays sunny.

Rite, need to do some creating.... wanna get them all done before I leave... TTFN!

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blackcatmimi said...

My Mom is like that too, so on top of everything and her house has always been immaculate. Then there is me, totally not on top of things. Never thought I would want to be more like my Mom but lately I totally want to be more like her!