Wednesday, 29 August 2007

>>> Last Day With Parents! <<<

Sigh! I can't believe that my parents stay are coming to an end. Today it's their last day here as they have to leave fairly early next morning for Manchester to catch a 10am flight. We kept it quiet today and they stayed at home to rest. I celebrated my mom's birthday as well. Her's is the 13th Sept but since we are not around, we decided to do it earlier. Have to say she's was taken aback but very pleased!

Well, we did popped into Melbrick Garden Centre to pick some plants for the new plot that has been cleared. Hubby cooked mom's fav dinner ... a typical English Sunday roast lamb! She liked it the last time we cooked it and decided to do another one as I doubt very much that she will get them in Singapore.

Later the boys gave them a mini album (that I had made and will be shown later). There were photos of the boys with them and some highlights of their stay here. I think it touched them a lot.

As for myself, been feeling pretty teary and trying not to think about them leaving. Gosh, really miss them a lot knowing that I only get to see them once a year!!! Sometimes wish I could live much closer to them. I'm pretty close to my dad and I do miss him dearly and knowing that he's growing older, I want to spend more time with him. He's so good with the boys as well, playing with them and pampering to their needs, just as he did with my brothers and moi! It's such an irony that the boys have a grandad that lives nearby but hardly ever want to see them and one that lives thousand of miles away and yearns to be with them and calling them every week just to hear their voices!!! Life can be so unfair!!! TTFN!

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