Wednesday, 29 August 2007

>>> Good Bye Dad & Mom! <<<

Yup, early this morning at 6am, we set off for Manchester airport. Arrived there within 2 hours and I helped checked my parents in. However, as they are holding staff tickets (courtesy of my brother who works in Singapore Airlines), they had to wait until 9.15pm. Then we were informed that flight was full and they were awaiting 2 passengers. If these two didn't turn up, then my parents would get the seats! Hence we spent a nervous 15 mins looking out for 2 hassled passengers. Thankfully they never arrived and my parents were checked in. Gosh dad must have been so relieved. I was a bit sad as I would have love them to stay longer but they were already getting homesick!

As we said our goodbyes, I felt fine! Then Ollie turned to me and said he wanted his grandad and tears rolled down from his eyes! God, that brought tears out from me too and I had to console him while trying to choke my emotion. Gosh, didn't realise how his grandad's departure had affected him. He really looked so sad.

We got home and I told hubby that the boys needed uniforms. So MIL came along with us to Marks & Spencer where we got the essentials for the boys and new shoes for Zac. Thankfully that's out of the way. Just find it such a hassle getting all these things!

Back to scrapping in the evening as I've got deadlines to fulfil! I guess life is back to normal then... well, I'm glad I've got assignments to do otherwise I would be brooding and feeling depressed! TTFN!

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