Sunday, 19 August 2007

>>> I'm Back! <<<

(Apologies for the late updates! I save them as drafts and inevitably forget to publish them!)

Yah! Back from holidays! Can't say I really enjoyed it that much as it was one of those Butlins type of hols and frankly I detest that kind of holiday! Trust hubby to book something so darn boring! Well, it was recommended to him by his sis and family who went earlier this year. All I can say is I tried and won't go back again. The caravan was nice, no complaints but I would have preferred another location as it was in Poole, an area that I'm very familar with. No fun spending holidays in an area that you already know!!! Just in case you're interested, it's a caravan resort by Weststar Holiday Parks.

My parents enjoyed the stay in the caravan as it's an experience for them. My dad enjoyed playing at the arcade especially the slot machines. We did win a few stuff toys for the boys! I brought the boys to participate in the events that were organised although I can't say they liked it very much. Ollie complained that he felt bored! Zac made his boredom felt via his facial expressions! Oh well, at least we did try to take part! All I can say is next year, I'm taking charge of the holiday plans! Trust hubby to make a mess outta it and as a result, we're well and truly stuck in this country this year instead of travelling abroad! All I can say is next year, I'll be heading home for Singapore with the boys and if hubby doesn't feel incline, he can jolly well stay put here... I won't be that bothered!!!

I leave with some highlights of the trip!!!

The caravan that we stayed in. Living area was spacious but the bedroom areas were pathetically narrow. Makes me wonder how an obese person would be able to squeeze in there! Seriously!!!

Durdle Door beach. While we were there, there was a slight incident that involved some helicopter rescue and it made it to the news! Some stupid bloke decided to climb to the top of the curvy edge and jump down into the sea. He was knocked out unconscious but not fatal! Why would anyone want to do something so silly is beyond comprehension! Lovely beach but very difficult to get to unless you are prepared to climb down steep steps. Definitely not for the faint hearted!

The boys playing at a beach in Swanage. Yup, we did visit a few beaches around! Can't get enough of them when you don't have them where you are living!!!

We were fortunate to celebrate my dad's 76th birthday on 13th August! Happy Birthday Dad!

One of our fav activities during our stay there... playing at the slot machines! Oh and also trying to win stuff toys for the boys!

Every Thursday (during the summer season), there's a firework display on Poole Beach hence, we were there that nite to witness it. But before it started at 10pm, there were some activities along the beach and rock climbing was one of them. I couldn't resist giving a go and climbed 3 walls! Man it felt good!!! Yup, I used to do it before in my youth and am mighty please that I can still do it now! :)

The Firework display... very impressive!

The boys' fav activity during our stay there... playing their Nintendo DS! That toy was a great bargaining tool when they misbehaved!

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