Friday, 24 August 2007

>>> The Parks! <<<

Brought the boys to Sheldon Park to expand their energy. Weather was glorious! Bright and sunny and I made sure they were whoshed with loads of sunblock lotion, moi included. As much as I love the sun, I hate being burnt and doesn't help that I do tan VERY easily! There's a farm near the park and the boys had a look.
Zac loves animals and couldn't help feeding some grass to the horse.

Then we took a long walk where we could do a bit of plane spotting. Unfortunately, there were more planes coming down instead of going up. Caught an Emirate plane coming down and it reminded me that it would have been the plane we would have come back on if we had gone to Singapore.

Got home for lunch and had a rest in the afternoon. In the evening, together with my dad, brought the boys to the nearby playground.

Zac had a ride on his bike. Unfortunately Ollie's bike wasn't fixed up so he couldn't use it. He wasn't too pleased about it.

Grandad playing footie with Ollie. He literally adores the boys!

It's harder to get them to sleep in the nite during the hols as they have a tendency to want to stay up and by then, I have had enough of them and am thoroughly knackered!

Can't say I've done much scrapping as I'm too tired to be honest. The boys sure wear me out and I just want to pig out in front of the telly at nite. Watched Grey's Anatomy and boy was it so exciting! Gosh that series is just so gripping! Kinda leave you begging for more! Have been playing with the boys' Nintendo Ds too. Kinda hooked onto this game called Touchmaster. There's 23 games in there and divided between puzzle, skill and cards. Luv all 3 categories and it's just so addictive. You tell yourself you'll stop but when the game end, you just have to have another go again. Not surprising my scrapping has suffered!!! Gosh, I've been commissioned to do a LO and although I know what I'm gonna do, it's hard to get started! Doesn't help that the deadline is next week! I'm also hoping to make a mini album for my parents before they leave next Wed.... let's see if that gets accomplished on time! TTFN!

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