Sunday, 26 August 2007

>>> Shropshire Country Fair! <<<

It was a brillant day today and we went to the Shropshire Country Fair in Telford. It wasn't what I had expected and there weren't a lot of interesting stalls to be honest. A bit of rip-off I think and I definitely won't go back. I've been to a lot of country fairs before and this one didn't live up to its reputation!

One of the kiddies activities that the boys enjoyed. I tried it once a while back when I had to bring Zac with me and I think I screamed more than he did!!! Absolutely hate heights and it scared the hell outta me!

Thankfully Zac could do it on his own and he really enjoyed it!

The boys had a go at archery and they did well!

My parents with their grandsons.

Finally a family photo!


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