Monday, 27 August 2007

>>> Flea Fair! <<<

That was where we went today at Malvern Three Counties Showground! My parents have been watching a lot of antique shows and they liked it! They wish there were something similar in Singapore but unfortunately, Singaporeans are too posh to want to buy second-handed stuff!!!

We were all kinda split up the moment we got there. I ended up on my own and boy did I have a great time rammaging about the stalls. As usual I was on a look-out for scrapping items and I did get a fair number of unusual buttons and crochet lace. The lace was a great find and I must have spent about £15 on both items! Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to look at all the stalls and had to search for the missing parties in my group. We did catch up in the end! The boys were given £1 each and Ollie found a transformer gun!
Zac found himself a huge ugly looking toy (which I'm sure will be chucked aside as soon as he has had enough!)The fair was interesting but I found that unless you know what you want, it can be pretty aimless just merely looking about. I knew I wanted some crochet lace and I'm glad I got them. TTFN!

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Jo said...

Really enjoy reading your blog, and being inspired by your LOs on here, UKS and Scrapbook Inspirations.

A bit of a surprise to see Malvern mentioned on this blog entry, as that's home for us!