Thursday, 27 April 2006

Spring Clean

Ohhh, I'm getting frustrated! Was trying to do a LO but the overwhelming mess on my craft table was getting too much and gave up any notion of creating! Instead, took a bin bag and started clearing out the mess. Must have thrown loads of papers and rubbish and car magazines etc. I will have to declutter my craft supplies soon. Realised that I do have quite a fair bit of card making items and these need to go as I'm not into card making these days. Hence, most of my lace, paper piercing templates will go as well as all the old craft magazines too. They are taking too much precious space that I could use for scrapbooking! Not to mention punches, and other bits and bobs relating to card making. As soon as I clear that, the next area will be the baby stuff. Definitely not gonna have anymore kids so no point hanging on to baby swings, prams etc. That will be in the loft. Have dedicated 2 mths of decluttering the house.... whether I actually do it is another question but I have to!

Finally needled hubby into going back to Singapore in July. The boys and myself will spend 2 glorious months there while hubby will stay for a month. Wow! So looking forward to eating especially my fav fruits ... really miss them. Not to mention watching the latest series of CSI as my brothers are fanatics of that series. Finally, can't wait to meet up with my friends again. I think the boys will thoroughly enjoy too as I can bring them for a swim every evening. Dad is probably gonna bring us to the kelong in Indonesia for a week of fishing.... fab! Imagine having freshly cooked fish for every meal... mmmm! Let's hope I can catch an even bigger fish than Mike! Yes! Yes! Yes! Looking forward to 2 months of no housework and cooking!!!!

Hubby asked me what I wanted for my 40th birthday as it's just around the corner.... well, seeing that he has just paid da bomb for our flight fare back to Singapore, didn't think I should push my luck further but did hint about getting a new laptop as the current one is running out of disk space, not to mention very old features! Doubt very much if he would take heed of the hint! Sometimes wondered if I'm that feminine... most women would have asked for jewellry, handbags or something girly but I tend to ask for mostly electronic products.... like a HiTi photo printer, sewing machine etc instead. I suppose it's the practical aspect as I can use them instead of having something that remains in the vault! Oh, I did ask for a Louis Vuitton handbag before. I think it's b'cos since becoming a SAHM, I don't get opportunity to go out so what's the point of having such items!

Finally got some time off to myself while the boys were in school and managed to finish a LO this afternoon. Makes a big difference when you don't have the boys to pester you!Decided to do a different theme and incorporated all four of us. I seldom scrap myself but decided that it shouldn't be the case. So here goes....
Have to luv those white pens... got them while I was in France checking out a stationery store. Couldn't believe my luck when I saw them. They are from Pentel and Uni Ball. They look absolutely lovely on the black cardstock!
Actually made use of my latest stamps. Stamped the 'OUT' letters in Li'l Davis hash brown foam stamps, the brackets from Technique Tuesday Functuation stamps, and the background flowers in the journalling from Sassafralass Stitched Border 1 stamps (luving them so much) .

I don't scrap at nite these days as I much prefer to watch TV namely CSI on the cable channel. Gotta luv Living TV as they bring out one or two episodes of CSI every nite. Tonite was no exception except that I had to switch between Desperate Housewives and CSI . Yes, I'm a confessed CSI junkie!!!

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KimmyS said...

I love the LO!!! It's fab!!!
Can I say - you don;t even look close to turning 40 Audrey - and congratz on getting DH to book the flights!

I know what you mean about practical items - I much rather those than a ring..