Friday, 7 April 2006

Busy as a Bee

Gosh, the last few days have passed like a blurr! Times flies when you are not watching it. Funny how when I was working before, time seemed to crawl, more so when you are constantly looking at it to see how long before you leave! These days, I only look at it so as not to miss picking the kids from school. And boy does it just fly!!!

Today was Oliver's last day in school and also the last day for his Headmistress who is retiring. She's a gem and will be missed. I made her an altered canvas using picture taken of her with the children on the stage. Thankfully the Deputy Head is taking over the role and not an outsider! Makes more sense since he know how the school is being run. A stranger might just upset the balance and flow that is already in place!

So hubby is away 2 nites for a conference and I'm all alone with the kids. Doesn't bother me 'cos they are more obedient without their dad around (dad's a little softie and boy do they know how to twist him around their little fingers!) Kids aren't stupid these days. They will try out patience to see how far they can go and then take full advantage of it! Unfortunately most parents fail to recognise it and pay the price later. Luckily my teaching background has come in handy and has allowed me to keep them in check! Oh well, someone has to be the disciplinarian.

On the creativity front, been creating 1 LO everyday using SEI's Winnie Walls papers. They are absolutely gorgeous and so yummy to use. Must be the colour orange in them... somehow makes it so bright and springy! Here's a few that I created:

Luv this photo that was taken professionally. It isn't very often that I'm in front of the camera. Did a fair bit of doodling on the LO using my Le Plume pens (boy are they coming in handy now!) and Zig writer pens. Took inspiration of course from Rhonna Farrer new stamp collection set which incidentally are absolutely gorgeous as it features her doodling.

Another LO created with Zac in the swing. Brought them to Malvern Park one sunny Saturday and he was absolutely tickled pink in the swing and kept wanting to go as high as possible!
Have created a few more but will upload later.

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