Monday, 3 April 2006

Best Friend

It was my best friend, Ellen's birthday yesterday and wish I was with her to celebrate it! Our friendship goes a long way, meeting her when she first started teaching in the same school as moi! I had seen her before in the teacher's training college but as she was a year below me, never really knew her. However we strike up a close friendship, made even closer by a despotic vice principal, and together with a few more colleagues, had a ball of a time chasing good food and going places. Anyway, I left for studies overseas but kept in contact and later, she joined me in the UK when she came over to study too. Once again, we had a ball of our time, searching out places with good food (yeah, I luv food but that's another story altogether!) and having fun. She's now in Shanghai, China with her hubby who's working there and I was so glad to be able to visit her last Sept. I had such a fun time, eating, shopping and enjoying each other's company! She's like a sister to me, the sister I never had and it's so good to be able to confide in her whenever I need someone to talk to. Thank goodness for cyberspace where we can chat and email without paying exhorbitant charges! Here's a LO I created in honour of her using Homegrown Hybrid March kit:
On the creative side, I'm late in doing my journal but I've to fulfil my DT assignments first. Hopefully I'll get some time to do the journal as I've got full of ideas but frustratingly no time to create it!
I'm making progress with the DT assignment. Here's another LO created. Picture of my youngest who was so knackered on Friday that he fell asleep awaiting his tea. Being the mean mom, I only gave him half an hour though. Past experience has shown that if he slept too long in the afternoon, he won't sleep at nite!

Have to say that the Crate paper resembles Wild Asparagus papers. Double-sided and quite thick. Colours are a little muted. Well, one more LO and an altered item to complete!

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