Monday, 3 April 2006


Finished a third LO for Homegrown. Accidentally trim a wee bit short of the 8.5" width and made up by adding flowers to the side as seen here:
Looking at his new hair cut (done by his dad), Zac is looking more and more cheeky and I swear, if I put a dress on him, he would pass off easily for a girl! When he was sprouting long hair, he was always mistaken for a girl despite putting him in boy's clothes!
Been taking note of the mundane stuff I did today so that I could journal in my diary. It's the 3rd today and I've yet to put any entry in and it's annoying the hell outta me!
Gosh, I felt so bad as I had completely forgotten about decorating an egg for Oliver to bring to school! Never mind that, sent Zac to school and completely forgotten that I had to help him decorate an Easter hat. Anyway, seeing the entries brought in, it was plain that the competition should be aimed at parents not the kids. It was stated that it should be handmade, using art and craft material and yet you see proper hat being decorated with little chicks and silk flowers!
Geesh, in 5 days time we head off to France for a week's break and have I pack anything so far... NOPE! The bags are still in the loft and I'm still busy scrapping. Oh well, probably end up doing last minute packing. Doesn't help that hubby is off to a conference from Thursday until Sat midday so it looks like I've to ensure everything is ready to go when he returns on Sat as we have to drive down to Poole (a 3hr journey) to catch the ferry across France. Life's gonna be interesting later in the week! But then don't I always strive on adrenalin and pressure?!!!

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