Saturday, 22 April 2006

Food! Food! Food!

The one thing I miss most since living in England is food back home (home where I originally came from i.e. Singapore). It's certainly is a food paradise there and you can get any kind of food you want all round the clock! Sometimes you had a hard time choosing or deciding what you want to eat due to the variety of cuisines around namely, chinese, malay, indian, western etc. Yup, I do get serious withdrawal symptons not being able to eat my fav food such as nasi lemak, kuay chap, yong tau foo, carrot cake (made with turnip rather than carrot), cha kuay tuay etc. I could actually go on and on.
What I really miss most is my fruits.... I eat loads of them and there are so much varieties found back home. Here in England, it's the usual oranges, bananas, pears, apples, the berries and grapes. Occasionally you find in the exotic section of the supermarket, mangoes, pomelo, papaya, lychees etc. My fav has to be duku (definitely not found in the Western world yet!), mangosteen, durian, chiku and the Indonesian snake skin (not sure of its exact name) fruit. I could easily sit down with a 3 kilo worth of duku, in front of the TV and finish off the fruits! What a pig!
Even miss my titbits too. I'm not a potato eater and hence, you won't find me eating crisps. I tend to go for the preserved stuff like preserve plums/mangoes/olives etc and not forgetting prawn crackers.
Anyway, had to go down to the Chinese quarters to get some cooking sauces and while at a Chinese store, bump into a lady who picked up blachan (a very smelly but delicious chilli paste) and put back after seeing the price. She said to herself it was expensive and she would buy it back home. Being the nosy one, I asked where she came from and she mentioned Malaysia. Immediately I strike up a conversation with her about living her and missing food which she totally agreed. She's been here even longer than moi, 20 yrs and still misses her homeland, lifestyle and food! Then she gave me a tip!!! She informed me of a takeaway that did authentic Malaysian dishes (well both countries share similar dishes by the way). Trust me when I say that it's sooooo difficult to find local cuisine here in England. True, there are loads of Chinese takeaways and restaurants but they lean toward Cantonese cuisine (from Hong Kong) and it's totally different! Anyway, after exchanging phone numbers, I went to search for the takeaway only to find it was close until 3pm. Didn't want to hang about for 2 hrs so went back home. Guess who will be eating out come Saturday!!! Saw the menu and found nasi lemak, cha kuay tuay and even crab!!! Wonder if they can actually cook chilli or pepper crab??? Definitely be one of their regularly customers! Salivating now just at the thought of it!
Yeah, I luv my food! The word diet doesn't exist in my vocab and I do eat like a horse. Fortunately I'm equally blessed with a great metabolism rate that keeps me looking like a beanpole too! Hence I get comments from well meaning people telling me to eat more.... ha! if only they knew.....
Anyway, cooked up a feast tonight: vegetarian noodles, pak choy with fungus (mushrooms) & garlic prawns. Took me an hour to prepare the ingredients but it was cooked fairly quickly. That's the trouble with chinese cuisine. There's so much preparation but cooking it just takes a few minutes! Eating it is even lesser! Here's my gastronomic delight! Hubby was ever so impressed and wasted no time wolfing down the prawns! Even Oliver, my eldest couldn't resist it. Those 3 dishes took 15 minutes to be wiped completely clean! And to think I was hoping for any leftovers.....

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KimmyS said...

Ohhhh I am sooooooooooooo loving lychees - I could happily eat 3kg of them :)