Thursday, 27 April 2006

Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder!

Yes, it's the time of the year where the flowers & leaves are starting to come out and my fav time of the season. Days are getting slightly longer and warmer too! I luv Spring as it feel like as if life is being rejuvenated! Also the time to slap sunblock on myself too.
Having brought up in a tropical sunny climate for the better part of my life, I learnt that sun is the worst enemy with regards to wrinkles and freckles! Been indoctrinated by beauty therapist to avoid the sun and to be as fair as possible as that is a sign of beauty! Being dark is ugly (not unless you are born dark which can't be helped. But if you were born fair skinned, it was a sin to have a tan!) Needless to say, being a rebel, never heed that warning and was constantly in the sun when young. Hence, my face is now riddled with freckles!

The perception of beauty is so different between the Far Eastern & Western women. There is even a difference in the skincare products being sold. Back home, you will find tons of whitening skincare for women (product to whiten the skin as fairness is a sign of beauty!) Hence in the West, ask them about whitening products and they look at you blankly... instead tanning products are sold! I'm talking about big names such as Estee Lauder, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden etc.... they all indulge in the whitening products range over in the Far East but not in the West. Kinda remind me of the HSBC advert where they show the different customs in different countries and how they take note of it as part of their customer service! I suppose it the same for skincare companies... what sells in one country/region may not be saleable in another!

Anyway, while back in Singapore last Sept, was introduced to Nu Skin, an American product which is not sold over the counter. They don't believe in advertising either but hell are their skincare products ever so good. Mom has been using them for a while now and my goodness, her skin at 60ish looks even better than mine! She certainly doesn't even look 60 at all! I got the entire TriPhasite range and used them during the winter months... have to say it's fabbo! For once, my skin was kept nice & moist during the harsh winter months, In the past, whenever I put makeup on, you could see the dry fine lines but this time.... nothing!!! How great is that! I luv it! They do have an office in the UK but seeing that I still have my products (got 2 sets), don't need anymore at present! Dad is even raving about their vitamin products too as he takes them and find it has done him so much good... Dad is in his 70s and he is ever so active, playing tennis 2-3 times a week and going off to Indonesia for fishing or Malaysia every 2-3 months! I've even introduced the product to my best friend and she swears by it now! Finally a skincare product that actually works!!!

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