Tuesday, 18 April 2006

Back to normality

Been offline for a week as I was on holiday in France. Had a great time visiting places around, spending time on the beaches with the kids and had great food. Somehow meat there taste better than in the UK! One nite we had veal for dinner and it was absolutely delicious! Can't get veal here in UK! Even the lamb didn't taste and smell so lamby too! And the pastry was to die for as well! Doubt if I put any weight on as I'm still able to fit into my jeans! Oh well, so much for eating like a pig!
Back to reality now. Loads to catch up, namely laundry as I had 7 days loads to wash. Unpacking as well which is a major chore.... fun to pack but horrid to have to unpack everything!
Got back on Easter Sunday and DH presented me with a lovely Mingles Easter egg... shock horror as I didn't think he would get one as it wasn't cheap! Anyway, yet to eat as I'm stuck with a horrid sorethroat.
While in France, I had opportunity to scrap as the lady that rented the cottage did scrapping workshop and I attended 2 sessions. Even bought a couple of French scrapping magazines. There have a few but some were dismally basic! Got 2 that I found was worth browsing and keeping, not to mention learning the French terms for scrapping too. Managed to complete a few LOs as well as I had packed a few kits to bring with me. Couldn't bring too much as the boot of the car was already filled with luggages!
Got my chance to practice my French too as we were in a farming community and not many could speak English. It's great to be able to speak in another tongue other than English!
Took tons of pictures too! The good thing about digital camera is the ability to take as many shots as you want without worry about the cost of developing them. I only print out those that I want and store the rest on CDs! Need to make an album out of them now!
Just before we left France, headed to Carrefour (their local mega supermarket) and loaded up with food (no wine or beer as we aren't drinkers especially moi!) Got my apple pie, cheese and of course escargot (they have it all marinated in the frozen section). Wish I was back living in France, food there is so much nicer!
Right need to come back down to reality now that I'm back in the UK. And of course to scrapping. Hard to do with the kids still on their Easter break!
Oh, before I left for France, received my Rhonna Farrer kit (Enchanted collection) from The Red Lily. Darn postie left it outside my door without ringing the doorbell to inform me. Only found out when I opened the door when DH arrived home from conference! So annoyed as I could be stroking it! Can't wait to have a play with them. (Picture of kit taken from the Red Lily site)

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