Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Ups and Downs

I'm stressed... over birds droppings on my driveway! There's an oak tree just next to my driveway with it branches hanging over the driveway itself and at this moment the driveway is littered with birds droppings! Needless to say that my car is constantly hit every morning and I'm soooo pissed! #1, with young kids around, I do worry about the droppings if they do carry any diseases since bird flu isn't that far from the doorstep! #2 doesn't do the car any good as it corrodes the paint. #3, there are birds nesting in the tree and the darn trees is protected so I can't even have it cut down! We have now resorted to covering the car up so that it doesn't drop on the car directly. But I still do worry about the droppings... have to ring the Council and see what they can do since it's their tree!!!

But on the up side, received a kit from Back Porch Memories filled with scrapping goodies. I took the Medley kit and it feels like receiving 4 kits in 1 set! Fabulous! Can't wait to have a play! I've a serious addiction to kits. I currently receive kits from Homegrown Scrapbooks (where I'm a member of the Design Team), The Scrapbook Stand and Scrapbook Obsessions. Thankfully my subscription to the SO is coming to an end with April's kit. I've subbed for a year and have to say that the last few kits haven't been that inspiring! Not to mention that having 2 sheets of patterned papers isn't really my cup of tea... far too much. I can barely finish up 1 sheet let alone 2! As for the Scrapbook Stand, it has changed owners and April kit features Chatterbox Poolhouse. Not a Chatterbox fan as I find their papers very similar to each other... it's like same patterns in different colours for each rooms! Quite boring!

All these kits come from the USA where majority of the scrapbooking supplies originate! I luv the kits as I get to use the latest papers and products that just come out and sometimes get items that cannot be found in the UK. Besides, it takes away the pain of shopping for patterned papers, cardstocks and embellishments!!! I don't have a local scrapbooking store to go to and have a browse and most of the time I've to shop online hence, kits kinda solve my shopping problems!

Here's the remaining letters of my A-Z album:

F: follow your heart when in doubt

G: give in sometimes

H: hug your kids every day

Luv doing this and this time, I make sure I'm in it as it would be nice for my kids to see their mommy in their photos sometimes! If only I can get someone else to take the pictures instead of moi being behind the camera all the time!!!!

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