Monday, 20 March 2006

Being Productive!

Attended an all day crop on Sunday from 10am-10pm. It was fun going off by myself and having a good time with a bunch of ladies who share my passion for scrapping! It was a productive day for me and I created 6 1/2 LOs which needed to be done!

First on the list was my A-Z album challenge which I'm running at Homegrown . I managed to get letter B, C, D, F, G & H done. Then I could only finish halfway another LO for a Goals competition at Scrapitude .

I did an A-Z Inspiration album last year and had great fun completing the album. So this year, thought I do another one based on Parenting guide (boy do I need that!) It's going well so far and I opted to use a book and in clean simple style. Here are the letters completed so far:

A: accept your children for who they are and who you want them to be

B: believe in your natural instincts and abilities

C: care about everything your kids have to say

D: devote quality time to each of your children individually

E: enjoy every moment

Each week I will complete 2 letters so I should be done by the end of May!

This afternoon, I managed to complete the LO that was half done yesterday. It's for a Goals competition and I'm supposed to scrap my goals for this year which I had set up. One of my goals was to pick up reading again as since I started scrapping, I totally gave up reading books! I used to buy the latest bestseller that came out but now, I just walk past without a second glance.... that is sad! So this year, I made an attempt to start reading and so far have completed 2 books. Need to start on my 3rd one for this month. This is really pathetic considering I used to devour 2-3 books a week and now it's just once a month!!! Anyway, here's the LO!

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