Wednesday, 29 March 2006


Whayyyy! Finally completed my ME album for the Homegrown March Madness competition. Didn't think I could do it as it was required to use photos from birth to present. With most of my birth, childhood, college photos and swinging 20s photos in Singapore, hard to do an album. Anyway, searched thru' my piles of CDs and found some photos and managed to create a quick and easy mini album to fit a round tin!
Got a couple more LOs to create for assignments before I can happily scrap my own stuff! Top on my list if I ever do get the time is to re-organise my scrapping area.... it's slowly reaching towards disaster zone and right now I'm able to find what I want but sooner or later, I'm gonna be frustrated! But at least I'm using the kits and not leaving them in stacks of boxes!

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