Saturday, 25 March 2006

Getting Inspiration

Think I'm losing my scrapping mojo.... I always do a sketch before working on my LO as I find it easier to know what I'm doing instead of simply shuffling bits and pieces about. Also the cheapskate side of me wanting to cut the paper to exact size instead of wasting it! Anyway, decided to browse thru' my Autumn Leaves Designing with Calendar and armed with a post-it pad, sat down to have a good perusal! At the end of it, there were tons of post-it notes sticking out but best of all, gathered a lot of scrapliftable ideas that I can incorporate in my LO. Did a few LO sketches too.
These days, I try to look around me for inspiration. I'm particularly inspired by advertisements. Somehow, they have very pleasing visual layout and so scrapliftable! I've done a number of LOs based on adverts. I once created a background based on a little girl's stripy dress. I even sought inspiration from a paper towel too as it has rows of mosaic squares and imitated that on my LO. Hence I shouldn't really say I'm out of creative juices as there's inspiration all around me. I think the main problem is I've been creating too much and suddenly I just feel so tired. Perhaps I should slow down and stop entering so many competitions and create simply for myself instead!
Talking about creating for myself, there's a competition going around about scrapping about ME! Too often scrappers scrap about their loved ones and ignore themselves... a pity really 'cos I'm sure their future generations would like to know about the creator of the lovely pages! Perhaps a good idea and opportunity to use pinkish, girlish papers! As a scrapper of boys, hard to incorporate lots of pink in a male LO.
Wow! Can't wait for next week as I'm expecting 2 kits, one from Homegrown and the other from Scrapbook Obsessions. BLISS provided I'm not hammered by customs and delivery is on time!

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