Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Duh! Such a bimbo!

Oops didn't realise I had forgotten to post this!!!

What was I thinking of last nite? Thinking Tuesday was Wednesday, checked the TV programmes and made a mental note for 10pm on Living TV. Turned it on only to find someone chasing after ghosts!!!! So where was my CSI??? Then it hit.... it's Tuesday and that meant there was CSI Vegas on Channel 5! By then I realised I had miss the entire new episode of Part 2! Boy was I so pissed!!!! How could I????

Yes, another passion of mine is watching the CSI series, all 3 of them namely CSI Vegas, CSI Miami and CSI New York! Discovered them last year in August (yeah a bit late) but was hooked on them instantly. Absolutely luv it and they just provide such good entertainment value. These days you get so much reality programmes on TV and it's such a big turn off for me... I'm sick to death at watching people overeating and then trying to reduce their weight on TV at primetime slot! And it's the same for at least 3-4 terrestial channels! Thank goodness Channel 5 have some decent programmes like House, CSI, Law and Order... programmes that give good entertaining value!!! Oh and not forgetting Channel 4 with Desperate Housewives!!!

Managed to scrap a LO this afternoon using Homegrown Feb kit. Played with my sewing machine and came up with this! Yeah, I know, title's a little cliche but what the heck, had the key and figured it needed to be used! Great use of my ever expanding ribbon collections too! Boy do I luv the papers from 3 Bugs in a Rug Sugar collection! Initally thought it would be too pinkish but they are absolutely perfect for scrapping boys!!!

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