Saturday, 18 March 2006

Oh Boy, I've done it!

I've finally done it! Been reading blogs that I've came across and then one day, decided I should just try it!
I supposed this blog is dedicated to my scrapbooking which is my obsession at the moment! I discovered it in early 2004 while taking up cardmaking and gradually made the switch by the end of 2004. Then again, scrapping isn't entirely new to me! I've been journalling about my vacations way back in the 90s and used to create a memory albums showcasing all my trips. Hence it's nice to get back to it but this time using archival materials instead! Oh and not to mention all those scrummy, delicious patterned papers that is on the market!
Currently my scrapping area's a MESS! I've patterned papers everywhere in 12x12 baggies and it's amazing I actually manage to find what I'm looking for. Top on my list of organisation is my unmounted alpha stamps.... need to find a proper way of storing them so that I will use them more often!
Just completed a 2nd quarter March Madness competition at Homegrown forum where I'm an active participant there! There were 4 challenges to complete and I was racing to finish a mini album and an altered CD LO. Never again will I put myself thru' this stress as I feel I can't input 100%. Anyway, here's my altered CD LO.... imagine using pink on boys...
As for the mini album, it's not completely finished as I've to add some tags but with 95% done, it fulfilled the competition requirements! Will post later...

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ardlair said...

Well, everybody has to have a first visitor.
Too bad it's me!

Good luck.