Thursday, 23 March 2006

Music in the Making

My eldest had his first violin lesson today! I had made enquiries a few weeks back regarding music lessons for him at his school as I noticed kids carrying their violins to school. I was told there wasn't any vacancy. Then this week, received a call from school informing me that my son could start today (Thur) during his lunch period. Oh and I have to be there.

Anyway, got there and was introduced to his violin teacher. There was also another newbie starting too. I was then informed that she was going to teach the Suzuki method and this brought a smile to my face as I've heard of this method and it seems it's a good method for teaching kids. Need to check it out further on the net! Anyway, the first lesson was solely on how to hold the violin properly and to look after it. Well, it was only 20 mins so not a lot could be done. My boy was excited enough and back home, he couldn't stop touching his violin. Let's hope that enthusiam carry him forward further!

On the scrapping side, had a creative brainwave and started on a LO. I'm in another competition whereby I've to do 2 LOs based on a given guideline and initially thought of chucking it as I just had no inspiration. Then yesterday, my creating mojo came back and managed to complete Assignment 1 which was based on a monocromatic LO and given photos. Quite pleased how it turned out but can't post it as yet. Today, I've just completed Assignment 2 regarding body parts and having to use ribbons and vellum. Gosh, this has been a very interesting assignment and I've enjoyed being artistically challenged!!!

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