Wednesday, 6 June 2012

~ London Meetup ~

I headed off to London on Jubilee day to meet up with the Cheery-Os from the Oscraps team. One of them is currently in London as she's doing a European tour. Two ladies from Holland decided to drop in too and 2 Brits & myself all decided to meet up. Now, none of us have ever seen each other in real life but we have chatted in the forum.

I happened to arrive fairly early in London and did a bit of shopping. Then at 12, I went to meet up with the gals at Marble Arch tube station. I recognise them instantly! It was all very exciting. Then we headed off to meet the Australian gal in her hotel. Again, another squeal of excitement all around!

We all had lunch at an Italian restaurant, pre-booked of course. Thankfully, it wasn't noisy so we could chat and be heard. 

The Oscraps Gals

After lunch, we headed to the hotel for more chatting. I guess not having seen each other, we just wanted to get to know everyone better. We had so much fun. It was sad to say goodbye but we were all so glad that we met up. 

I stayed over in London at one of the gal's house. Again we chatted the whole night. We shared something in common... she had lived in Singapore for 3 years so we were discussing about the scrapbooking scene there. 

Caught the 1013 train back home. Boy was I glad to be home. As much as I enjoy London, I just find it too busy for my liking. We didn't do the Jubilee scene as neither of us was interested in jostling with the crowd. It just so happened that we met up on Jubilee day as our friend had that day free! 

I'm looking forward to scrapping the photos taken on that day. It's the highlight of this week! TTFN!

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