Wednesday, 27 June 2012

~ Awful Experience ~

So I had this Groupon voucher for a massage at The Wright Way. I set off in good time and followed my satnav. Unfortunately, the bloody thing led me to somewhere way off! When I eventually found it, it was just 10 minutes from my place and I travelled a good hour around Birmingham looking for it! So annoyed with it!!!

Because I was late, I only had 45 minutes of session so I had the massage minus all the extras. First impression of the place... bloody seedy! You enter and on the right is a nail bar and on the left are massive upright tanning cubicles. Go up the stairs and there was an aerobic session taking place as well as a hairdressing corner. Up another flight of stairs are the massage rooms. Now I've been to quite a few massage places so I know what to expect. However, I was in for a rude shock. Firstly, the regular room that the masseuse use was busy (she opened the door to boxes of lingerie around). So she had to use another room. Can't say I was impressed as it didn't give the ambient of a massage room. Pretty bare with a bed to lie down and nothing relaxing whatsoever. It was another massage room as there was a sign on the door but the interior was nothing like a massage room. The masseuse turned on the radio after asking me permission but it was blaring out some rock music! She did eventually change to another channel. Massage was ok but I doubt it was the particular massage that I asked for. The less than 45 minute session left me feeling more agitated than relaxed. It was one of the most awful experience I've ever had. The whole place felt more like a brothel than a salon. Firstly, the interior was rather dark. The layout of the place was rather confusing too. There was so much going on. And the massage rooms was just so uninviting, certainly not the relaxing atmosphere of most massage rooms in general. In my opinion, a case of Jack of all trades but master of none. The salon offered a lot of stuff but didn't bother to make any effort in creating an ambient for what they offer. 

Certainly not going back nor recommending the place to anyone! One of the worst massage experience ever! TTFN!

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