Saturday, 16 June 2012

~ December Daily 2011 Album ~

Here are the last few pages created to complete my album. Yup, it has taken 6 months to complete the album and would have been more if it wasn't for the voucher!

 Day 21

Day 31
The celebratory photo was taken in very poor lighting hence I made it blend into the background instead. That page completed the album!

 This page represented the Introduction to the album.

This page represented the start of 2010. Well, it was created as I had to fill up a page in the album.

 This page is the back cover of the album. As there was a slot for photo, why not create another page for it!

This page represented the last page of the album. Again, there was a small slot for the album so why not!

I'm so glad it's done and looking forward to seeing the album. Would I do one for this year... you bet! But I'll be doing it in 11x8.5" instead. I had to literally convert all my 12x12 pages as I had a voucher for an A4 size album. Vouchers for square albums are hard to come by. It has been fun looking through the pages to see what had happened each day in December! TTFN!

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