Friday, 15 June 2012

~ It's Done! ~

OMG! I've finally completed my December Daily 2011 album and just send it off for publishing. Got a deal on Groupon for Photobox and decided to take the plunge. Got me to complete the album too as I had only 3 more pages to do and was just too lazy to finish it off. As soon as I got the voucher, I started work on the remaining 3 pages. I even added an Introduction page, a hello 2012 page and other pages to fill the gaps as I had ordered a 50 page album (let's just say it was cheaper to order 50 pages as opposed to 20 and adding extra pages to it!)

Here's a sample of the album cover:

Used a lot of Anna Aspnes' products for this album. Her templates came in very useful! Looking forward in receiving it! TTFN!

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